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StatusViolation CodeContractorComplaint DateResolution Date
Complaint: Violation of Miss. Code Ann. 73-59-9(2)
Resolution:  Assessed a civil penalty of $5,000.00
Resolved John Boggan d/b/a B & B Construction 04/09/08
Complaint: unlicensed residential remodeling in violation of Miss. Code Ann. 73-59-3
Resolution:  A civil penalty was issued in the amount of $1,500.00
Resolved Scott ColsonCOLSON, SCOTT ANTHONY 10/08/08
Complaint: gross negligence or misconduct on three complaints
Resolution:  $15,000 civil penalty ($5,000 for each of 3 violations) and revocation of license
Complaint: poor work and taking a long time
Resolution:  The Board found Knight guilty of gross negligence, and will not consider his application for renewal for a period of 6 months and he will only be issued a license based upon passing the licensing test
Resolved BURAS ROOFING & CONSTRUCTION 05/15/07 07/09/08
Complaint: Complaint filed by Lucille Waters alleging poor and unfinished work.
Resolution:  Revocation and $5,000.00 civil penalty
Resolved WILLIAMS, TIMOTHY DUANE 07/30/07 01/09/08
Complaint: poor work
Resolution:  The Board found T.W. Services(Williams) guilty of gross negligence. Their license was revoked and they were also issued a civil penalty in the amount of $5,000.00
Resolved LaFRANCE, GILBERT 04/21/08 09/11/08
Complaint: Residential Building without a license. Built a home for Eric Peterson in Bay St. Louis, MS. Previously had remodeler's license only.
Resolution:  $1,000.00 fine for residential building without a license

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